April 15, 2014

The Breakfast of Champions!

My friend. C., sent me this photo of her son with The Big Book of Superheroes: "This is what I found Emmet reading this morning during breakfast!"

At first, I was super-happy! But then I saw what was really happening here:
—“Mom, this bagel tastes crummy.” 
—“But it’s your favorite flavor! What happened?” 
—“Well, I was eating it and then I opened this book. And now everything seems... WORSE.” 
—“Emmet, put the book down now!” *sprays lighter fluid on it* “Now step back, son.” *lights match*

When I told C. this theory, and she wrote back: "OMG. It is almost as if you were in my house this morning and overhead our conversation. That's amazing! The boys love using our fire pit and we burn books regularly, so it was a pretty typical morning."

In conclusion, C. has a pretty great sense of humor.

April 14, 2014

April 13, 2014


what is happening to this neighborhood some van just pulled up and these creepy characters are getting out that is a school bus, renee, those are children

April 11, 2014

Talking Superheroes on AM Northwest

The good people at AM Northwest invited me on today to talk about The Big Book of Superheroes

In addition to hanging with host Helen Raptis, I also got to meet actor Ed Begley, Jr., writer/food expert Laura Brussell, and comedian Tommy Davidson. Super-awesome!

April 9, 2014

Note to Spider-Man: READ THE BOOK

The Big Book of Superheroes has a how-to chapter, with a section on "Flipping Off a Wall":
And this dude REALLY needs to read it!

"Sidekick not included"? That's what little brothers are for!

Via GoodReads.
the big book of superheroes five stars i got this book for my 9 year old son and he absolutely loves it thinks he can be a superhero now on the back of it it says sidekick not included and he said that's what little brother is for lol

April 8, 2014


Nephew: This is definitely Bart's best book.
Mom: Better than The Big Book of Boy Stuff?
Nephew: Oh yeah.
Mom: Better than Gross Stuff? Girl Stuff?
Nephew: Oh yeah.
Mom: Better than your Animal Encyclopedias?
Nephew: I wouldn't go that far.

April 6, 2014

"A Message from Your Publisher's Marketing Department"

Every job has unique challenges. For writers, one of the most pernicious of these is marketing. I had fun with that idea in this new piece for the The Oregonian—a form letter from a generic publisher to its stable of authors...

Ooh, two other things:
1.) The end of item 3 should read "Antony Hopkins."

2.) And of course, I ran this article past my publisher's marketing department before submitting it to the O! (Luckily, most people in the book industry have well-honed senses of humor.)